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RARE Vintage 1938 Kodak Retina II 35mm Rangefinder German Folding Camera 50mm

RARE Vintage 1938 Kodak Retina II 35mm Rangefinder German Folding Camera 50mm

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The Kodak Retina II is a classic folding 35mm rangefinder camera, produced in Germany between 1936-1950. Known for its precision engineering and high-quality optics, this camera is a favorite among vintage photography enthusiasts.

<b>Key Features:</b>
-Compur-Rapid shutter with speeds up to 1/500th second
-Combined rangefinder and viewfinder
-Compact, folding design for portability

Valued for its reliability, image quality, and historical importance, the Retina II is a prized addition to any vintage camera collection. It offers excellent performance at a more accessible price point compared to later models.

Whether for display or practical use, the Kodak Retina II represents a pinnacle of mid-20th century camera craftsmanship, appealing to both collectors and photographers alike.

*Does not have lens- camera takes a 50mm f/2 coated lens (Schneider Retina-Xenon or Rodenstock Retina-Heligon)


At Midnight Relics, we are committed to being environmentally friendly. That`s why we use recycled boxes and packing materials for shipping. We believe in giving new life to old things.

Please note that this item is sold as is, in its vintage or pre-owned condition. As with any vintage item, some fading and wear may be present due to the passing of time.

We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchase. If you have any issues with your item, please reach out to us and we will do our best to find a solution.

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