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The Avenging Saint Hardcover 1941 Mystery/Crime

The Avenging Saint Hardcover 1941 Mystery/Crime

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The Avenging Saint Hardcover 1941 Mystery/Crime

This 1941 copy of The Avenging Saint by Leslie Charteris is a must-have for any mystery or crime novel enthusiast. As the first book in The Saint series, it sets the stage for the beloved character of Simon Templar, also known as The Saint. This second edition is a hardcover, making it a durable addition to any book collection. The book is in great condition, with the dust jacket still intact, adding to its value and appeal.

Written by Leslie Charteris, a renowned British author, The Avenging Saint follows the adventures of Simon Templar as he uses his wit and charm to outsmart criminals and solve mysteries. The book is a classic example of the mystery and crime genre, with a gripping plot and well-developed characters. The 1941 edition adds to the charm of the book, giving readers a glimpse into the past and the writing style of that era.

Whether you are a fan of The Saint series or simply enjoy a good mystery, The Avenging Saint  is a must-read. With its vintage appeal and well-preserved condition, it is a valuable addition to any book collection. Don't miss the chance to own this piece of literary history and experience the thrilling world of The Saint.


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